After 50 or so years in the printing, photography and graphic arts business, Ilarry-bartley-sq began my career in website design and internet marketing in 1996. Since that time, many of my client websites have enjoyed ranking on the 1st page of Google results for their chosen keywords. Having a broad and varied knowledge of graphic arts, getting involved with internet development seemed a natural progression for me.  I now spend a great deal of time studying the current trends of social media and internet marketing. For several years, I’ve met once a month with one of the several professional groups to discuss current trends in the industry. I’m offering my ability and experience to other companies in Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country who are new to websites and social marketing or don’t have the time and resources to set up and keep up a successful and profitable online presence. Having spent most of my life in the graphic design and photography business, I’m also qualified to coordinate all your marketing collateral, both printed and digital, into one centrally managed campaign.

Leveraging social media to your advantage for marketing is a lot more complicated than just going to Facebook or Twitter and setting up a profile. Getting started with social media and properly setting up your profiles is a daunting task, especially when each social network requires different styles of messaging to carry out similar things. Through the years, I’ve developed an easy to use online control panel that my clients use to update their website and automatically update their social media profiles from 1 source.  If you want to skip the learning curve of each network, and want online profiles that work across a variety of social networks, I can help.

I’ve learned through the years that you can never ask enough questions about an internet project. You as a client will benefit from experience I gained before starting out with my website business when I served as a project manager. Working with and coordinating between developers, programmers, and end users in my company, I developed a pretty good understanding of what questions to ask to get the job done. If you’re new to the “Online Presence” concept or if you’d just like more information on how the process works, don’t hesitate to call. Information is always free at 325-647-6066. So if you want to set up or improve your social media presence but don’t know where to start, I can help with a complete website/social media setup, custom tailored to you and your business and have you up and running in a speedy and professional manner.

I would be happy to put together a custom audit for you that evaluates the effectiveness of your current website and offer a plan for moving forward with a modern website with built-in automated social marketing.

Call Larry Bartley 325-647-6066 for more information about what I can do for you.

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