Are you looking for logo designer or a graphic designer in Brownwood Texas? A well-designed logo can cost hundreds of dollars or more from most design agencies. Fortunately there are many affordable options to be found locally and online. I’ve helped many clients to develop a logo unique to their business by creating it myself or referring them to Fiverr.com where they can get the job done for as little as $5.00. While a $5.00 investment seldom returns exactly the results they were wanting it usually returns a logo I can easily alter to produce the results they DO want. Using this method and others I can always deliver a world-class logo for clients around Brownwood at a fraction of the cost you would pay a normal design agency in Brownwood TX. Professional graphic design services are always a phone call away at 325-647-6066.

ElmoFew people really realize the value of a professionally designed logo and the impact one can make on their business. When most people think of  the biggest companies in existence many times you think of their logo, not what the company sells. When you think of McDonald’s you don’t really think of hamburgers but the golden arches. When you see the golden arches anywhere in the world you know they represent the company underneath them. If you happen to live anywhere in Central Texas, you’re probably familiar with Elmo the Cowboy. He became the logo for Underwood’s Cafeteria many years ago and is a pretty amazing example of a logo created by a “non-designer”. Elmo who was created by one of the Underwood Brothers many years ago towers over the restaurant on the main highway going through Brownwood and everyone knows what’s below him.

A properly designed graphic logo speaks more than words and rarely uses any at all. Even people who don’t speak English will recognize the graphical representation of a good logo. The example of Elmo the Cowboy (in my opinion) Speaks volumes more than the Golden Arches for this reason. If you’re passing through Brownwood Texas you will see both logos just a couple of blocks apart. You recognize the Golden Arches because it looks like a giant M and McDonalds has spent the millions and millions of dollars invested in advertising, not because it looks like a hamburger. You look at Elmo and you immediately think of bar-b-q and chuck wagon style cooking even if you’ve never heard of Underwoods.

The clients I work with are mainly “mom and pop” businesses in the Brownwood area who need a little “educated guidance” in developing the images they want to portray to their customers. This includes creating a website, logo, and printed collateral and providing the files needed for any type of advertising to insure the integrity of their logo. This includes Magazine, TV, and Billboard needs and any other medium. If you’ve tried unsuccesfully to find your “Elmo” and need someone to interject some creative ideas, give me a call.

Larry Bartley • 325-647-6066